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New Vehicle Warrantees

"I have to take my vehicle to the main dealers to keep my warranty" or "I have to take my car to the main dealer because it's leased"

Both the above statements are Popular Misconceptions

Since the EU Block Exemption Regulation came into effect in October 2003 the vehicle purchasing and repair industry has undergone major changes which have benefited the consumer greatly.

The vehicle owner no longer has to use the main dealer to have their vehicle serviced or repaired 'To keep up your Warranty.' You only have to take your vehicle to the main agent for warranty work to be carried out.

The introduction of Block Exemption means the vehicle manufacturer's warranties are no longer reliant on the vehicle owner taking the vehicle to a garage in the main dealer network. The European Commission deemed that this would be "an unjustified restriction on the consumer." What Great News!

You can now choose the garage you want to use for your vehicle servicing and repair, and providing your vehicle is serviced using the manufacturers schedules and is recorded and repaired within the manufacturers guidelines, with dealer quality parts 'It will not affect your warranty' This means that you will save on your service and repair bills.

Dear Allan, when having a problem with one of my fleet vehicles recently, you not only collected, repaired and then delivered back to me within 24hrs
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Parts Warrantees

All parts fitted by Great Coates Motors are manufactured to original equipment specification and every part fitted comes with a minimum 12 month warranty (parts & labour).

All timing belt kits come with a manufacturer's warranty Eg. if your vehicle manufacturer recommends you change your timing belt every 4 years or 40,000 miles and we fit one of our original equipment kits and either the belt or tensioner fails and causes £1000 or less of damage to your engine we will repair the damage 'Free Of Charge'.

Some parts come with a lifetime warranty please ask for more details.

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