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Connect 430 Vehicle Tracker

Connect 430 Vehicle Tracker

Engineered specifically for the insurance and fleet sectors, the Connect 430 is a compact and robust device which is designed to be quickly and easily hard-wired to a vehicle including a self-install option. Through deep CANbus connectivity, it provides rich insights into driver behaviour and vehicle status, as well as highly accurate GPS location data.

Insurance approved

The Connect 430 is approved and used by insurance companies for a young driver and usage-based insurance policies.

Small but powerful, with Bluetooth connectivity

Despite its small size, the Connect 430 has a powerful processor to provide precise GPS locations and communicates over the GPRS network utilising complex data sets. The Connect 430, depending on the variant, has Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) capabilities allowing it to interface with Trakm8 BLE accessories.

Certified with flexible installation options

The Connect 430 is certified and E-Marked with all the IP, design, development and manufacturing owned by Trakm8 and managed in-house. The Connect 430 offers various flexible installation options dependent upon the client’s needs.

Monitor fleet activity

The Connect 430 houses a tri-axis accelerometer, providing detailed information about vehicle activity, driver behaviour and crash analysis. Through CANbus connectivity, it also supplies data on vehicle status and health, such as true ODO readings, accurate fuel levels, and dashboard warning lights.

Commercially flexible

Trakm8 manufactures multiple variants of the Connect 430, enabling us to tailor a commercially-flexible solution package specific to your needs.



GPS Location Technology
2G Communications
Vehicle CANbus Interface
Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE 4.2)




115mm x 45mm x 19mm

Fire-resistant PVC black casing

CE and E-Mark

Monthly Subscription Information

Standard Telematics 36 Month Subscription
C430D – Track, Trace & Driver Behaviour £11.99
C430D – Track, Trace & Driver Behaviour + CAN £12.99