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Chalwyn Valve Installer

Chalwyn Valves Installed At Great Coates Motors

We are the authorised national Chalwyn fitting centre.

Operating a diesel engine at all UK Oil and gas sites requires an overspeed protection device and spark arrestor to be fitted, providing an essential control measure for the catastrophic consequences that can result from engine runaway.

Great Coates Motors specialise in the modification of all types of road vehicles with a Chalwyn air intake shut off valve and spark arrestor.

Engine Runaway

When a Diesel engine is exposed to an external fuel source such as an airborne combustible hydrocarbon in the surrounding environment, it naturally ingests the mixture into the air intake system. Since diesel engines control fuel and not air, the engine can no longer maintain speed control.

The engine must be prevented from an uncontrolled runaway by fitting an emergency shut off valve in the engines air intake system, this prevents the over speed by stopping the engine at a pre-set rpm.

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Valve Selection

Electric butterfly Valve

Vehicles that meet the current Euro 6 European emission standards will require a low restriction electric butterfly valve. This is a compact, valve that does not interfere with the engines control systems and is designed to fit in the tight spaces available in modern engines.

The 12v SVR butterfly valve is controlled using a speed switch that monitors the engines rpm and allows the system to be set at programmable maximum speed. It is compatible with all new vehicles and can easily demonstrated and tested using a remote switch.

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Automatic D valve

Vehicles that only require a temporary installation or meet older emission standards can be fitted with an automatic shut off Chalwyn D Valve. The automatic D valve is a simple cost effective engine shut down on overspeed system that does not need a power input, is lightweight, easy to install and re-sets after the engine stops.

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Our skilled technicians are fully trained for fitting this specialist equipment. We will modify the vehicle as required to fit the valve and spark arrestor. We will supply the correct documentation for both the Chalwyn Valve and the spark arrestor to prove they have been manufactured to the correct standard and they have been fitted to the correct industry standard in out fully equipped workshop.

Garrison Dead Locks & Slams Lock

Supply and fit dead or slam locks to any van £200+vat per door

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Spark Arrestor

Diesel engine exhaust spark arrestors are a key safety feature in oil and gas industry, virtually all legislation with regard to operating a diesel engine in a hazardous area includes a mandatory requirement to fit a properly tested and approved exhaust spark arrestor.

We can supply and fit an ATEX approved, stainless steel, silencer spark arrestor that has been specially manufacture with short body and a smaller diameter, compatible with exhaust systems that incorporate a DPF filter

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Rental Vehicles

We can supply rental vehicles fitted with a valve and spark arrestor ready for site from just one day to a long term hire.

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