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RH600 Vehicle Tracker

RH600 Vehicle Tracker

Why waste time and money installing separate cameras and vehicle trackers?

Take road safety and fleet efficiency to the next level with the award-winning RH600, the first 4G vehicle camera combined with fully-featured telematics. Fleet managers can live-stream footage from any vehicle – and receive videos or photos of any incident or event. Choose from one forward-facing camera or an optional extra camera which can be set up to monitor the driver, rear of the vehicle, or load area.

Trakm8’s compact RH600 also provides advanced telematics functionality, including driver behaviour scoring, vehicle health alerts and DriverID features to further reduce road risk.


The RH600 can have up to two cameras – one facing the road, and one facing into the cab. Together they provide hard evidence to defend fleets against false insurance claims.

Insurance ROI

The RH600 enabled one customer with 1,500 vehicles to prove that 50% of insurance claims made against the company were fabricated. Instances where the footage was able to support a disputed claim in favour of the company also increased by 260%, compared to the previous dash cams installed in the fleet.

Another camera customer experienced a 20% reduction in at-fault accident rates within a year, while yet another benefited from a 10% reduction in insurance premiums after reducing at-fault accident rates.

Fuel ROI

Using the same driver behaviour algorithms found within the RH600, one customer with 1,300 vehicles achieved a 10% improvement in fleet MPG within the first year of use, supported by a 13% reduction in speeding events and 19% reduction in engine idling. Better driving also minimises the risk of accidents, helping to keep insurance premiums low and reduce “bent metal” costs.

Service, Maintenance and Repair ROI

Based on its own research, the AA believes that 30% of breakdowns are preventable if drivers act on dashboard warning lights. Through CANBus connectivity, the RH600 provides vehicle diagnostic trouble code alerts and battery health information to the fleet manager, helping to minimise the risk of a vehicle breakdown.

Installation savings

The RH600 negates the costs associated with buying and fitting separate camera and telematics devices, including associated vehicle downtime.

Data savings

The RH600’s advanced data compression technology means that it can provide up to 250 videos, 125 photographs and 10 minutes of live-streaming each month on Trakm8’s standard data tariff. So, despite its 4G capabilities, the RH600’s running costs are actually lower than those of 3G telematics cameras.

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Monthly Subscription Information

Integrated 4G Camera & Telematics 36 Month Subscription
RH600 Single Lens – Track, trace Driver Behaviour £24.75
RH600 Single Lens – Track, trace Driver Behaviour + CAN £25.99
RH600 Duel Lens – Track, trace Driver Behaviour £27.92
RH600 Duel Lens – Track, trace Driver Behaviour + CAN £28.92
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