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Not Just Travel

Whenever I visit a business, I’m always keen to see at first hand the culture of the company and if it’s living up to the social media that it portrays. It’s important that the impressions that are implied, mirror the expectations of the first engagement.

My car is quite old, and I’ve never felt I have been treated any different to say someone having a new car. Even to the extent when available a courtesy car has been offered for jobs that are not going to finish in the day, thus enabling me to be mobile.

Having visited Great Coates Motors on 3 occasions, I can confirm that expectations meet the portrayal. I’ve always been welcomed with a smile, offered a complimentary drink and if staying whilst the car is done, made use of the WIFI connection to get on with some work.

A major point for using Great Coates Motors is that a complex repair they took on was rejected by several garages, which would mean me buying another car. They got on with a complicated repair, saving the car and added expense of replacing the whole car.

Both during the work being carried out and after the work has been done, I’ve been informed about the progress, be it personally or over the phone.

I can therefore highly recommend Great Coates Motors as your choice for your motoring needs.

Philip Burrluck — Not Just Travel
Managing Director

Not Just Travel